Join Peter Chung in this special full-length presentation on how Biblical principles are found in the First Amendment, and the importance of religious...View Details

In this episode, our guest is Pastor Adam Ramdin, Youth Director for the North England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and executive producer of ...View Details

Dr. Norman McNulty is a neurologist that practices in Tennessee.  In his free time, Dr. McNulty is busy fulfilling speaking engagements in churches an...View Details

What role does the church have upon the government and what role does the government have in the church?  Should the church be involved in legislating...View Details

Dr. Eric Walsh is a native of Hartford Connecticut and is both a medical doctor and Ph.D. in Public Health.  As a highly sought-after speaker, he has ...View Details

With social justice being a buzz word in both in the world and in the church, should Seventh-day Adventists be involved in social justice?  In this po...View Details

What does the fall of the Roman Republic do with the challenges we face today as a nation?  Join Pastor Keala Thompson of A Loud and Clear Call Minist...View Details

Join Pastor Ivor Myers, senior pastor of the Campbell SDA Church and speaker/director for Power of the Lamb Ministries and president ARME Bible Camp o...View Details

While this nation becomes more divisive and intolerant, what does Bible prophecy about the current events of today in regards to religious liberty?  J...View Details

What are the principles of self-government?  How can these concepts be applied to practically as individuals, in our institutions, and our nation?  An...View Details

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